Price Suggestion
~152.5 keys
Unusual Hong Kong Cone Disco Beat Down
13 votes up
31 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as bad price range and closed by K1ng.

The price range was either too broad or did not accurately reflect how the item was traded. Therefore, this suggestion has been closed.

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    It also sold for under that range regarding what you bought yours for :!/compare/1504828800/1504915200

    Don't embarrass yourself, just close this...

      I see them, but the time it got sold for a pe chillu, chillu was priced at 270~. The compare link where i bought it, it was a heavily discounted downgrading; he swapped the unusuals (or sold them for keys) as we traded. Buy orders for both unusuals were reasonably high, that's why he was fine with doing a qsell price (153k). I paid an aussie prof ks rifle, c heart trilby, ge private eye, steaming veil for it.

      He was looking for 120keys, as in quickselling, counting the three unusuals as 100k -as in qsell value-, rifle as 30k and he added 10keys, concisely he got the kong sold for 120keys.

        I'd just like to add my sale/buy wasn't used in any pricing which was Miami antlers which was 1:1 valuing at 170

    Your range comes from nowhere, and there are plenty of sales supporting current price (Foamy's comment):