Price Suggestion
Collector's Eureka Effect
Submitted by Swagman!
~8 keys
Collector's Eureka Effect
421 votes up
323 votes down
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Item Snapshot made
  • 8 keys
    Collector's Eureka Effect
  • 7.23 keys
    Collector's Eureka Effect
  • 7.22 keys
    Collector's Eureka Effect
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just gunna round all this to 20 because the keys are 1.1 and the kits are like 18 ref and such.

So if this comes to 20 keys, was the strange starduster not involved in this sale?

    Yeah everything in the screenshot was part of the trade

      17 Keys + a 5 Key Strange Starduster + Other Stuff isn't 20 Keys.

      What are you talking about lol

        Just so this is clear everything in that screenshot, the 2 trades, was part of this trade, he just gave me the other ones so i didn't have to wait for my trade hold and could have them right away because he is a nice guy.

          An alright amount of proof, sadly the item snapshots are against your pricing. I do support it however.

            The snapshots buyers, which are willing to pay full price of the hat now meaning it should get a raise i suppose.

   3 recent spec ks salesat (converted) roughly 6, 12 and 14 keys. GIven the situation, I think more sales are in order before a raise of this magnitude is issued.