Price Suggestion
~175 keys
Unusual Danger Miami Nights
22 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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Uncel Dan es a verly gud prass suggastien man

Thanks the TheProcave for help!/compare/1501459200/1501545600!/compare/1501459200/1501545600

Sold with the Uncle Dane cosmetic set and the Giger Counter for a Strange Sunbeams Blast Defense Could be used to price the defense if someone could find the buyout!/compare/1501718400/1501804800

Sold the Uncle Dane set (without the Giger Counter) for 124 keys pure and an Aussie Blutsauger. Owner confirmed last suggestion.

Caps at 130.!/compare/1504051200/1504137600

120 pure. Creds Right Nosok for the sale and also for letting me know when he sold.

Right Nosok is one lucky mother****er I made this price suggestion for him. His buyout was 105

Then he raised his buyout to 150. Probably cuz of my suggestion. As a result, he sold for 120 instead of 105. You're welcome.