Price Suggestion
Cloud 9 Blast Defense
Submitted by Sprekt
~20.5 keys
cloud 9
Unusual Blast Defense Cloud 9
298 votes up
50 votes down
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= Terror-Watt Helmet Without a Home(14)!/compare/1503619200/1503705600

= Bulk, should be used on the Cannonball.!/compare/1498953600/1499040000

= Miami Nights FR-0(13) + Mannrobics(1.15) Will fit in the range, can be used for Fr-0!/compare/1499126400/1499212800

= Bulk!/compare/1499385600/1499472000

= Sold through, impossible to trace.!/compare/1502496000/1502582400

= Terror-Watt Triboniophorus Tyrannus(13)!/compare/1502668800/1502755200

= Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Stickybomb Launcher(~18)!/compare/1502928000/1503014400

= Stormy Storm Waxy Wayfinder(14) + ~5 keys in sweets

Sales we have here: 13,14,(~14),18,19

Going with 14-18.

    the Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Stickybomb Launcher is closer to 20-21~ 18 is what quickbuyers pay