Price Suggestion
~90 keys
Unusual Wraith Wrap Green Energy
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14 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Marty Birdman.

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3 times lucky

Big thanks to everyone in previous attempts especially lemon who did most of bellow.

Sold to me for a Harvest Moon Dr's Dapper Topper worth 175k but capped at 130k evidence for that cap is bellow:

With the wrap he added a spelled max's head values at 18 keys + roughly 10k in sweets so in extras he added just under 30k gonna round to 30k for a more pleasing price.

130k - 30k = 100k

Some proof of sale:!/compare/1503187200/1503273600

All credits go to lemon bellow:

Mini for the Topper!/compare/1501804800/1501891200 - Sold for a Duped It's A Secret To Everybody Sergeant's Drill Hat (110)+ A Miami Nights Industrial Festivizer (20) = 130

Mini for Drill:!/compare/1501977600/1502064000 - Low (Taunt has open sug)!/compare/1501200000/1501459200 - Low as well.

PE Milkman (40) + A MN Bonk (50) + A Stormy Storm Glengarry Bonnet (14) + Some Sweets (~ 5 Keys) = 110k ish

Another sale on the Topper!/compare/1498780800/1498867200 - Sold for a Orbiting Planets Brainiac Hairpiece (28) + A Neutron Star Texas Tin-Gallon (25) + A Scorching Flames Grimm Hatte (150)

Mini for Hatte:!/compare/1499904000/1499990400 = ~170 Keys

Seller at 150 - - Say 150 Here

Topper Sale 1 = <130 Keys

Topper Sale 2 = 203 Keys - Seems high compared to Month Old clean seller at ~150 Keys

Thanks for checking the suggestion out. please lemme know if anythimg needs fixing. hopefully this will do this time

120k - 30k = 100k (I don't think this is correct)