Price Suggestion
~45 keys
Unusual Cotton Head Miami Nights
71 votes up
13 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 2 months ago by K1ng.

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I'll just do it myself, it'll be faster.


(Credit Anzu) sold + 4 keys for Sunbeams Toque (53)

= 49 (Rounding to 50 for neatness);5;u61

Sold for $89.73

= 44!/compare/1498780800/1498953600

Sold for Frostbite Marauder (44)!/compare/1501113600/1501200000

Sold for 40 pure.

Let it ride.

    The Frostbite Marauder wasn't involved in sale 3. It was an Orbiting Fire Bomber + something else (Elfin doesnt match either), but will fall in range most likely.!/compare/1498780800/1499472000

    Another sale around ~42 here:!/compare/1498262400/1498348800

    The range should be fine.