Price Suggestion
~105 keys
Unusual Scout Shako Burning Flames
73 votes up
9 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Mad Scientist.

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Burning Flames Scout Shako


6 hours at 75

1 day @ 130

Sale 1:!/compare/1498867200/1498953600

Quicksold (3 days) for 58 keys pure + possibly more from the I See You seen here:!/compare/1498867200/1498953600

Sale 2:!/compare/1498867200/1498953600!/compare/1498867200/1498953600 - B/O of 85, was up for less than 1 day, ignoring

Sold for a Blizzardy Rack (85, indate) + Mallard Beret (28, indate) + GFetti Whoopee (12.5, indate)

85 + 28 + 12.5 = 125.5

X = 125

Sale 3:!/compare/1499990400/1500336000!/compare/1500249600/1500336000!/compare/1500249600/1500336000

Sold for 85 keys

Keys dont match, however it appears the keys were bought (probably on and then used immideatly to buy the shako,

(compare 1). The 85 keys appear in compare 2. Compare 3 shows the ballcap sale from the other side, meaning the only

other items in the compare were part of the shako sale

X = 85

Sale 4:!/compare/1501027200/1501200000

Sold for an Ooze Brigade

Thats unpriced, should be used there if its not an outlier there.

Sale 5:!/compare/1502323200/1502409600

Sold for a DBD Woolen Warmer

Fits range/should be used there.

Seller at 75 is too young to include.

Final Price: 85 - 125 keys!/compare/1504915200/1505001600 the 75 seller that constantly changed his BO ended up selling for 65 (40 were for the ring).

    Thats probably low compared to the other sales here. Keeping this conservative and accepting as better than current