Price Suggestion
~115 keys
Unusual Lightning Lid Bubbling
54 votes up
3 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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Not letting this **** get away with getting unpriced. Idk why Emder didn’t resuggest.

Sale #1

Sold for a DUPED Sulphurous El Jefe along with 2-3 keys in minimal sweets.!/compare/1496275200/1496361600!/compare/1496275200/1496361600

Taking 115k

Sale #2

Bulk for Burning Flames Team Captain.!/compare/1496707200/1496793600!/compare/1496620800/1496793600


DUPED Sulphurous El Jefe Mini

Sale #1

Sold for a Mega Strike Taunt: Second Rate Sorcery and Hot Professional Killstreak Butcher Bird Grenade Launcher (Field-Tested) {Creds Emder}!/compare/1494547200/1494633600

Taking 111k

Sale #2

Sold for a Morning Glory Combustible Kabuto, Blizzardy Storm Barnstormer, and a craft hat.!/compare/1499472000/1499558400!/compare/1499472000/1499558400

Taking 117k

Mega Strike Taunt: Second Rate Sorcery Mini

Sale #1

Sale Untraceable.!/compare/1490918400/1499904000!/compare/1498176000/1501113600


Sale #2

Sold for $99 / $2.05 because I don’t know the price for that day. That has been done here.;5;u3010;6/Mann%20Co.%20Supply%20Crate%20Key

Taking 48k

Rounding for neatness.

Final Price: 115k