Price Suggestion
~252.5 keys
Unusual Hong Kong Cone Sunbeams
47 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Hellas Pindakas.

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Death at Dusk Cotton Head(mini at 190 ) + Searing Plasma Hat With No Name(50) + Fountain of Delight Taunt: The Schadenfreude(mini at 69 ) + Haunted Ghosts Tam O' Shanter(mini at 17 ) + Circling TF Logo Vive La France(53) + Miami Nights Law(105) + Circling TF Logo Reggaelator(32) + Terror-Watt Cyborg Stunt Helmet(11) + Sunbeams Swagman's Swatter(80) + Aces High Exquisite Rack(mini at 35 ) + Duped Scorching Flames Texas Ten Gallon(mini at 93 below) + Duped Searing Plasma Charmer's Chapeau(mini at 64 below) + Duped Cauldron Bubbles Hustler's Hallmark(mini at 55 below)



Duped Scorching Flames Texas Ten Gallon mini:!/compare/1501804800/1501977600

Vivid Plasma Coldsnap Cap(mini at 93)


Duped Searing Plasma Charmer's Chapeau mini:!/compare/1501545600/1501632000

Dead Presidents Charmer's Chapeau(22) + 25 keys + 17 in aussie


Duped Cauldron Bubbles Hustler's Hallmark mini

all sales all bulk, using seller for 55


    Seems low, but a sale's a sale. Upvoted.

      1 sale at 850, yet others are getting offers of 900 to 1000+

        lol ask rafio about all the offers he got

        taunt was closed and redone but the sale will still round either way