Price Suggestion
~2.8 keys
Unique Abhorrent Appendages
442 votes up
415 votes down
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Item Snapshot made
  • 1.15 keys
    Unique Abhorrent Appendages
  • 1.12 keys
    Unique Abhorrent Appendages
  • 1.09 keys
    Unique Abhorrent Appendages
  • 25.33 ref
    Unique Abhorrent Appendages
  • 25 ref
    Unique Abhorrent Appendages
  • 24 ref
    Unique Abhorrent Appendages
  • 10 ref
    Unique Abhorrent Appendages
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Sale on Marketplace for 8$;6

8$/2.05=3.9 Keys

No other sales. Going with 3.9 Keys flat

      It sold for 8$ on marketplace, look at the sales there.

      Looks like none on item market, 1 key is 100% low since the buyers;6 2 sellers for 8€ which supports

        What about the 2 key classified seller?

      There's currently new buyer classifieds paying 1.2 keys or more for it. Seems to be underpriced at this point.

      This isn't accurate, as is not supported for suggestions.

        Who the hell told you that? >_>

        Not like the Burning TC was raised on a single marketplace sale or anything, along with plenty of others.

        Checked every item history in the premium database. These were all the non tf2mart sales I could track!/compare/1502582400/1502668800!/compare/1502582400/1502668800 painted sale that is supportive of current price
!/compare/1503100800/1503187200!/compare/1503100800/1503360000 histories don't match, but it doesn't appear to be anywhere near 3.9 keys

        As indicated in the comments, there was a seller at 2 keys. was at 3 keys 3-4 weeks ago. Doesn't appear that 3.9 keys is a common trading point here.