Price Suggestion
~39 keys
Unusual Kiss King Overclocked
47 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1499904000/1499990400!/compare/1499817600/1499990400

Strange Miami Nights Deep Cover Operator

Mini DCO:!/compare/1497744000/1497830400

bulky, nothing else, using on DCO

Sale 2:!/compare/1496102400/1496188800!/compare/1496102400/1496188800

Steaming German Gonzila ~ 11

Kill-a-Watt Defiant Spartan ~ 22

Bubbling Brigade Helm ~ 11

Mini Gonzilla:!/compare/1495584000/1495670400




Seller @11 on classies -

shouldn't be too off

adds up to 44

bo was 40

Sale 3:!/compare/1496275200/1496361600!/compare/1496361600/1496448000

1:1 Kill-a-Watt Hat With No Name (38)

Sale 4:!/compare/1496361600/1496448000!/compare/1496361600/1496448000

Time Warp One-Man Army

Only other sale on OMA:!/compare/1496620800/1496707200!/compare/1496620800/1496707200

OMA is duped

Sale is ~30, buyers at 29, calling this low

Going with 38-40 here