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Unusual Galvanized Gibus Burning Flames
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Sale 1:!/compare/1499990400/1500249600 - Buyer!/compare/1500163200/1500249600 - Seller

Sold for a Smoking El Jefe (15.5) + Death at Dusk Conjurer's Cowl (42.5) + Scorching Flames Patriot Peak (470) + 5 keys

= 533

Rounding to 535

Didnt know this existed

I have no words...

    Worth twice that price.. :E

    Annnd Badrule got it! Gj Man.

      Hey there all. It's me Badrule :)

      First of all i want to tell u that i did not added 5 keys to the deal u can take that off. 5 keys went to a friend as a gift.

      Secondly Moose can u please tell us do you price your hats with the low end prices or high end prices? as i see all of your hats are at the mid to high end priced. so can i ask you this question; why are u taking peaks low end price as price suggestion?

      also last peak sell if u noticed it the offer came to me first, it was a sunbeams rifleman + 100 keys. i rejected that offer and offerer got himself another peak for sunbeams rifleman + 80 keys. why didnt u add a mini for peak with recent sales?

      i also had a sunbeams woodsman offer 2 days ago before selling the peak. also rejected it. since my scorching peak was 1 of 1 at the market back then.

      this are all i wanna tell and ask. this suggestion based on 1 sale, and it has no other mini's and pricing supports. i do believe this suggestion is invalid. tell me if i am wrong. thanks and have a nice day ^^

      ps: this hat is not going easy from me, not even with this price as suggested, not even double of this price.

        ok pass the second argument since i just saw that peak priced again as 470 keys. i thought u were taking low end price from previous suggestion. still peak needs a new price suggestion again