Price Suggestion
Green Energy Hermes
Submitted by BigSteph
~50 keys
Unusual Hermes Green Energy
60 votes up
18 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Marty Birdman.

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Green Energy Hermes

Been almost 2 years since a clean one has sold so raising slightly with a duped sale!/compare/1496966400/1497052800

Kill-a-Watt Baseball Bill's Sports Shine (50) + Strange Specialized Killstreak Festive Rocket Launcher (10 ) = 60

Sadly Caps @ B/O of 55 even if i'd say this was a pure sale.

Taking 55

Kill-a-Watt Baseball Bill's Sports Shine - Mini - 50!/compare/1494547200/1494633600

If this sale needs to be included please let me know. Not sure but it seems to have been 10 with this for a C.9 Cotton Head (56.5) which puts this @ 47?

I'd like another opinion.