Price Suggestion
~10.5 keys
Unusual Defiant Spartan Nuts n' Bolts
609 votes up
283 votes down
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Nuts and Bolts Defiant Spartan

Team 7 Event Suggestion #189

Selling: - 23 days @ 11

Sale 1:!/compare/1497225600/1497571200

Sold for a Bubbling Spartan (13, indate)

X = 13

Sales at:


Final Price: 11 - 13 keys

    I sold mine for 4 items. A strange shot to hell scattergun (MW), Strange shot to hell pistol (FN) a proffessional killstreak big earner, and a strange spy-cicle. Don't know if this makes the price suggestion stronger but it is what I sold it for.!/compare/1500854400/1500940800

    The 4 items before the ones stated above were from a 48 hour trade hold with someone.

      Thats ~15, seems a bit high but does support the high end, unless your b/o was lower

        My offer was 10 keys 20 ref but I got the guy to add more stuff through negotiating :P Plus it was the guys favorite hat so I guess he really wanted it.

        Edit: I didn't tell him my B/O was 10 jeys 20 ref. He offered on it by accidentally adding me after looking at one of his friends profile comments. So I don't know he knew my B/O was that but he offered his skins and I accepted.

    Two very young sellers at 10!/compare/1502582400/1502668800 ~11
!/compare/1501977600/1502150400 ~11 (multiple sellers on beanie at 9.5-10. can use for beanie)
 - b/o 10. Sold for 12 in items -!/compare/1501804800/1501891200
!/compare/1501718400/1501804800 ~11

        I think 11 is by far the most common trade point. There are probably more sales at 10 than 13 (one currently listed at 10 for 2 days). I would go 11 flat here.