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~14 keys
Unusual Noble Amassment of Hats Dead Presidents
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Event Mini

We #DemBois

Dead Presidents Noble Amassment

Skipping all sales to and from Scrap

Every sale on is either to scrap, from scrap, or to and from marketplace with the exception of!/compare/1496793600/1496880000!/compare/1496707200/1496880000

Which is untraceable.

With that said, only using sales from

Skipping the trade to and back with CriminaL, not sure what happened there

Sale 1 - Sold for a Stormy Storm Fed Fightin Fedora (16.5) + ~.5 keys in taunts (17 total)!/compare/1492819200/1492992000!/compare/1492905600/1492992000

Sale 2 - Sold for a Miami Ye Oiled Baker Boy + Sweets (Being used to update Baker)!/compare/1492992000/1493078400

Sale 3 - Sold with 10 ref for a Cloud 9 Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats (24) - Rounding up (basically leaving out the ref) and counting this as 24 total.!/compare/1493164800/1493251200

Sale 4 - Quicksold for 9 Keys, Paint worth ~1 Key, and ~2-4 Keys in ref (Something missing? Super low)!/compare/1493164800/1493251200

Usable sales: 1, 3

Amounts: 17, 24