Price Suggestion
~43 keys
Unusual Ol' Snaggletooth Burning Flames
438 votes up
78 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Mindacos S>Burning Brass 145k.

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Really needs a drop....

Reason for resuggestion:


Sold for 43k pure and relisted for 40k, but unbumped.!/compare/1498435200/1498521600!/compare/1498348800/1498521600

Sold for 45k pure!/compare/1492300800/1492387200!/compare/1492300800/1492387200


Sold for ????

Only sales which come up.

Some of these were sold very fast, but can you blame them? These are the only 2 clean ones on the market.

All the rest are duped and they also are selling for 40k, even the clean ones are only selling for 45k and 52k!


2 valid clean sales.

1 sale @43k

1 sale @45k

Suggested price:


    Seems good to me, even duped cant sell at 39 keys, just maybe watch out for the clean ones that were selling and might have sold?

    Somebody sold their Ol' Snaggletooth to

      where do you see clean sellers at 45 and 50?

        Oh my, they've all been bought I think, no more non-duped on the markets till those duped ones go away

          if they've been bought then you need to check the sales and might need to resuggest depending on [the] price[s] [they were] sold [at.]

            Seems like the traders who are in this suggestion haven't sold it yet, the first sale did, but I can't find the sale.

              This is why we need item screenshot snapshot on unusual suggestions lol

                For once I forget it and it backfires lmao

      Looks like quicksells to me!/compare/1498694400/1498780800

        Sold for 61k but outdated on the Stormy 13th hour.

          mostly quicksells