Price Suggestion
~14 keys
Unusual Blast Defense Nuts n' Bolts
805 votes up
157 votes down
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Sold for P.Fetti Fro (15)

Let it ride.

if it helps i was the one who sold the demo's fro for it

then i sold this for 13 pure

Could work on a Tinker Knight loadout. Good one. Upvote.

    That's a fair price to start with

      Yea Sure, 15 Keys Works

        700 votes for a nuts and bolts blast defense zzzzz

          Stumbled upon this sale while working on the Smoking Fukaa:

          Sold with a key for Smoking Fukaaaaaaa (Being updated to 13-14)

          No outpost



            Your comment sounds too much like a baseless opinion.

            Sales - evidence sound good.

            There's an unsold for 14 on classies atm

              2 weeks at 14 keys in classifieds suggests 13-15 would probably be better than 15 flat here. Plus that way you're using all the sales.