Price Suggestion
~242.5 keys
Normal Grenade Launcher australium
572 votes up
108 votes down
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    "Normally, this wouldn't be Strange, too."

    Actually, it would be. But that is neither here nor there since the mods (or one of the mods?) won't let Strange Haunted suggestions be accepted in case it interferes with a future price transfer of the Haunted price to the correct Strange Haunted, presume that would be the case for Strange Normals too :(

    But then again a different mod accepted a Strange Haunted suggestion, so I have no idea if the mods aren't communicating with each other or if they came to a decision after the Strange Haunted was priced.

    other then the admin thing around the strange haunted, why would we need this one priced if the non strange ones is also 18 keys?

      Because it would show the price of strange and normal. Just think of them as two hats. Each need to be priced because each one is different. But, in this case, the weapons were the same, but not the strange part.

i member

    stange enough, this is normal

      Such a magnificent weapon if I say so myself and I do say so 'cause that is mine. BTW, it has 3 parts and a Spec Killstreak if that means anything. Wait for more sales?