Price Suggestion
~110 keys
Unusual Modest Pile of Hat Circling Heart
310 votes up
28 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 5 months ago by Mindacos(STILL IMPERSONATED).

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More looking into


Sold for Grail Schadenfreude (77.5) + Inferno Brew (33.5)

= 111 (rounding to 110)!/compare/1494028800/1494115200


(5 days outdated, support)!/compare/1487116800/1487289600!/compare/1487203200/1487289600

Sold + Hearts Blokes (23) + 4 keys for Sunbeams Lucky (Outdated at 180, mini at 145)

= 118.

Lucky mini:!/compare/1493510400/1493683200

Sold for Burning Pot (120) + Spec KS Aussie Medigun (~25)

= 145.


Only recent sales support a large drop. Young seller at 120, unsold below old price.

Let it ride.

One of the problems that I see with this, not too sure if it's a big issue or not, but if this were to be repriced to 110 keys, this would cause it to be priced less than its partnering robo hat with the same effect, which is currently priced at 125 with a seller at 77, so wouldn't the robo hat need to be repriced aswell? Here's the link for the Circling Heart Modest Metal Pile of Scrap: