Price Suggestion
~32 keys
Unusual Little Buddy Circling Heart
47 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Teeny Tiny Cat.

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Re-re-suggesting, using my previous suggestion and the one before that; 31-33 seems a good range with the time being

Every feedback is appreciated, thanks

I want to say thanks to ★ Zeus_Junior | Buying Backpacks , he helped me a lot


Sale 1:!/compare/1493078400/1493337600

Sold for Haunted Ghosts Slick Cut

Using on slick cut.

Sale 2:;5;u19

Sold for $64.79 / 2.1 = ~31

Sale 3:

Sold for $45 / 2.1 = ~21

Sales at 21, 31 and 30 something (slick cut)

Taking 31, owner reselling for 32

Sold for a Green Confetti Dayjogger(20 Keys) and a Dead Presidents Ol' Snaggletooth(Outdated at 14 Keys)!/compare/1494288000/1494720000

Mini for the Snag:!/compare/1494201600/1494547200

the crown is freshly priced: