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~19 keys
Unusual Big Chief Miami Nights
113 votes up
20 votes down
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Credits to Cashew.

Sale 1) Sold + 4 Keys for a Circling Peace Sign Troublemaker's Tosslecap (27.5 Keys)!/compare/1487376000/1487462400 - Buyer's Backpack

27.5 - 4 = 23.5, which rounds to 24 Keys

Sale 2) Sold for a Duped Aces High Detective Noir (18 Keys)!/compare/1487635200/1487808000

I've been told Duped doesn't matter for items this cheap.

    Yeah I had a feeling that 24 would be high, someone resold it to a week ago and it hasn't resold yet:

    It's young for standards, but if it doesn't resell 15 will need to be included here. 24 is definitely going to be an outlier though.

      Scrapprehensive sold after 2 weeks. It's being passed around at lightning speed now.!/compare/1495497600/1495584000 - Spec KS Aussie Sticky + 2 pure!/compare/1495584000/1495670400 - Midnight Whirlwind Buy a Life!/compare/1495584000/1495670400 - Infernal Smoke Oblooterated - Super young seller for 17 & 12 ref