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~0.33 ref
Unique Robo Community Crate
289 votes up
129 votes down
Item Snapshot made 2 months ago
  • 0.11 ref
    Unique Robo Community Crate
  • 0.05 ref
    Unique Robo Community Crate
2,474 available

This suggestion was accepted 2 months ago by polar.

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Remember hunting for these back in the day... even made a fake ass suggestion for them. I was such a weird kid. youngins and "offers" not included.

Four sold for 1 rec each within the last month by this guy:

I did a little digging, and it looks legit then and on the fourth of this month

sidenote: I know there is a user that sold 4 for 1 scrap each at but it was 9 months old and a "shop" so I have omitted it as per the guide for non-unusual suggestions here because I dont know how much crates were sold for or how many when.

look ok? because im still **** at this no matter how many guides I read

Seems good, buyer for 0.11, upvote

    Also here i sold some more closed it after a guy just bought all the ones i got left lol

      I've got a friend who bought as many of these as he could when they were new, because he was convinced that they'd be a good investment and it would pay off in spades someday.

      He ended up getting ~150 of them, give or take.

      Looks like his day's finally coming.

      Its a shame that my favorite effect (roboactive) can only be unboxed from this crate.

        this looks good, considering ive got a "few" in my inventory