Price Suggestion
~25.5 keys
Unusual Dr's Dapper Topper Bubbling
334 votes up
32 votes down

This suggestion was accepted 2 months ago by Marty Birdman.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1487116800/1489881600


Sale 2:!/compare/1490400000/1490572800

napo is indate, might use this on salty

Sale 3:!/compare/1491004800/1491091200!/compare/1491004800/1491091200

Steaming Détective Noir ~ 13

Subatomic A Head Full of Hot Air ~ indate, sellers at 13/14 -


bo was 26, relisted a lot

Sale 4:!/compare/1491609600/1491696000!/compare/1491609600/1491696000

with 10 pure for a Purple Energy Pyro's Boron Beanie

Sellers on boron:

reseliing beanie for 27

oleg is reselling for 25

Sale 5:!/compare/1490486400/1490572800


Sale 6:!/compare/1490572800/1491004800

high, 4 months at 29

Sale 7:!/compare/1491004800/1491091200

use on norman

Sale 8:!/compare/1492300800/1492646400


Sale 9:!/compare/1491091200/1491177600!/compare/1491091200/1491177600

high without a buyout :/

Sale 10:!/compare/1492819200/1492992000

use on belt? - loads of untrace/qs and finally tf2mart

Sale 11:

qs x2

Sale 12:;5;u34

~34 in cash -!/compare/1493683200/1493856000

high AF


young at 22

5 days at 25

4 months at 29

irrelevant seller at 31 cus ^

calling it 25-26

    People are selling it for 31-29 keys now.

      The belt sale is wrong; see my comment here:

      Will probably leave this for a bit to see if we get better sales, though it is evident that a drop is needed!/compare/1495324800/1495411200 - Sold for CHeart Birdcage + 3 pure (~30), B/O was 25 per your sellers link, supports low-end which was kinda sketchy otherwise
!/compare/1494115200/1494201600 - Quicksold for 21 pure
!/compare/1494115200/1494201600 - 1:1 for Vivid Napper's, high due to 5 month seller @29
!/compare/1494201600/1494374400 - Quicksold for 20 pure

        ^Can't tell what happened in the last two exchanges in that history. 25-26 is reasonable here.