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~24 keys
Unusual Titanium Tyrolean Molten Mallard
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Molten Mallard Titanium Tyrolean

Free suggestion

Sale 1:!/compare/1493078400/1493164800

Sold for a Mega Strike I See You (23.5, open suggestion)

X = 24

Only recent usable sale.

Final Price: 24 keys

    So this hat actually isn't worth 24 keys, It's price is actually 40 - 60 keys when I priced it. I was scammed by Mr. Bitray out of this hat, which I presume you traded for. I recommend you sell it for 40 - 60 considering the evidence:

    Evidence 1 of 25 key trade for taunt:

    The taunt was ORIGINALLY 40 keys actually, so your price is wrong

    Evidence 2 of being scammed:

    Take my word for it. I am infuriated that I was scammed out of this hat because it took me 2 months to get this and then I lost it by this ****.

    But since it's in hands of a HOPEFULLY honest trader, I'm hoping you will take heed to my evidence & stupidity.

    Also, I don't recommend the evidence you posted considering the trade was by a scammer anyways, because he's lowballing the hat & I priced it at a much higher price, giving you better profit in the trade either way

    The person I traded with the taunt can also back me up if there is any question in the pricing/evidence of the argument

      Serious? The score is -1? wtf dude

        That's not how this works. You cannot make up prices based on what you think they are or should be worth. The hat sold for a taunt which is now priced at around 24 keys. The 40 key price on the taunt that the hat sold for was an outdated price, and it has been updated to a more accurate value.

          Yet it was SOLD for 40 keys, that IS how it works. If it was worth 40 keys and it was sold for that price, then people can sell it for that price. It's like me saying I sold 40 bananas for 20$ and then 4 days later someone sells it for 15$ because THEY changed the price. Literally that's how the tf2 economy works? You change the price according to how you sold it and how others have?

          There's only 1 of this hat in the world, there ain't a bunch bud. You can't tell me I can't make up a price WHEN I SOLD THIS HAT FOR 40 AND NO ONE ELSE WAS.

          ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD Tyrolean during the time ='s ??? keys

          taunt ='s 40~keys

          result ='s 40


          and he's going off of MY TRADE, not his? I have more say in this than you do.

            It didn't sell for 40 keys, it sold for a 24 key taunt. If it sold for 40 keys, this would be getting priced at 40 keys.

            Your banana analogy is...well...bananas. If 40 of these bananas sold for $20, then sold once for $15 4 days later, then $20 would be an accurate price for these bananas (regardless of how expensive they are). This differs from the Taunt situation for two reasons:

            1) The taunt did not sell 40 times for 42 keys, it sold once.

            2) The taunt's price was 11 months old, not "4 days" old. That isn't very reliable.

            I'd suggest reading this guide on unusual price suggestions, so you get a better idea of how pricing on this site works:


                This about it this way. the 40 keys was 11 months outdated. The 24 is days old. Which pricing was closest? The 24 one. Using prices at the time of sale makes sense, however the taunt was not worth 40 at the time of the sale; it had an outdated price. If I had made a price suggestion on the taunt before the trade was made, it would be worth 24 since the sale used to price it had already happened.

                Anyways im not going to argue with people who dont know how suggetions work. Thanks Jarool for defending me, tbh I never responded to them because it really wasn't worth my effort :L

                Sorry man, you're right in general, just not in this particular situation. The taunt was 40 keys at the time of the trade and that should count for something. I wouldn't have made the trade if the taunt had been priced at 24 keys at that time. You might be right about the outdated price yet at the time i was the only seller (well there was one at 75 keys for some reason) and i did get a good deal out of it.

                Anyway this doesn't matter since it's a 1 out of 1 and it's now in the hands of some scammer i assume. Sorry to say this suggestion is pointless and no one really cares whether or not it passes, I'm afraid this argument isn't helping anyone...

          Yeah also that taunt was priced at 40 when we traded and i sold it for 40 in items, wouldn't have made the trade otherwise.

          This hat is worth much more than 24 keys. It's a great effect on a clean looking hat, 1 out of 1 and the non robo version of this hat with same effect doesn't even exist.

          Shame it was scammed out of the hands of the person i sold it to :(