Price Suggestion
~14 keys
Unusual Pyro's Boron Beanie Bubbling
547 votes up
228 votes down
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Creds Mindacos

Sale #1

Sold for 14k.

Taking 14k

Final Price: 14k , this is the only recent sale , why is this still up ( just wondering )

      It's the same sale, Mindacos (btw can you clarify how the hell you pronounce your name (I shouldn't be talking since everyone mispronounces mine)) traded fish, but fish just went as a different name at the time. Since Mindacos and Fish are major traders who trade a lot, their compare links are often stuffed with a lot of other items from other trades, making them unreadable

        I know , im just wondering that there is only 1 valid sale , no sellers on classifieds , why is it open for so long .

          What does "unreadable" mean in this context? That screenshot is perfectly legible and I changed my name to "Fish is a man" for my 18th birthday. If you would like, I'd be more than happy to provide a screenshot on my end.

            sorry for late response, i meant the compare link would be unreadable as you two trade so much

    Here to confirm the sale. Minda bought it for keeps and there are no other recent sales. Thanks a ton, Minda. <3