Price Suggestion
~14 keys
Unusual Pyro's Boron Beanie Bubbling
547 votes up
228 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 2 months ago by polar.

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Creds Mindacos

Sale #1

Sold for 14k.

Taking 14k

Final Price: 14k , this is the only recent sale , why is this still up ( just wondering )

      It's the same sale, Mindacos (btw can you clarify how the hell you pronounce your name (I shouldn't be talking since everyone mispronounces mine)) traded fish, but fish just went as a different name at the time. Since Mindacos and Fish are major traders who trade a lot, their compare links are often stuffed with a lot of other items from other trades, making them unreadable

        I know , im just wondering that there is only 1 valid sale , no sellers on classifieds , why is it open for so long .

          What does "unreadable" mean in this context? That screenshot is perfectly legible and I changed my name to "Fish is a man" for my 18th birthday. If you would like, I'd be more than happy to provide a screenshot on my end.

    Here to confirm the sale. Minda bought it for keeps and there are no other recent sales. Thanks a ton, Minda. <3