Price Suggestion
Phosphorous One-Man Army
Submitted by Tony-Bruh
~40 keys
Unusual One-Man Army Phosphorous
516 votes up
105 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by Mindacos S>Cauldron Bonk 250k.

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Comments!/compare/1486684800/1486771200 - Sold for Hot Field Tested Brain Candy Minigun (26)

Other sales are bulk. - Unsold for 2+ months at current price. - Clean

    Rubi pays 25.5 for this one

    +pretty sure that current owner bought it for more than 26 from scrap

    +my b/o on Minigun was around 35 keys, it was cheapest Minigun on the market at the time :/

      Thing is with quickbuyers like that, mosty of the time, their prices aren't up to date and tend to pay less than listed.

      The one being sold was on scrap twices this year which also supports a drop.

      Not sure what a b/o has to do with anything, it's priced at 26 keys.!/compare/1487289600/1487376000 - added memory Leak Mirror + searing dread knot for Duped C. Heart Charmers (bit bulky, but supports drop)

      r+ubi's price list is made using a script, and he holds the right to reject any offers for almost any reason ( like if the guy offering it is a trader/quickbuyer ,if there are price suggestions etc) , he chooses quicksells that are good for him ,+ if you keep using prices people have "offered" using scripts then you cant drop any unusual below 75 for more then 20 % ( which is how much r+ubi offers) ,his price list would then counter a huge chunk of suggestions that are clearly valid.