Price Suggestion
~50.5 keys M
Unusual Minigun Hot
123 votes up
11 votes down

This suggestion was accepted 2 months ago by polar.

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any idea when the next suggestion competion will be? i wanna join the next one (if anyone wants me on their team xd)

btw this has sold 8 times in 10 days. i think thats a new record!

sale 1!/compare/1493424000/1493510400

1:1 terrorwatt gibus (45)

gibus mini suggestion at 49

sellers at around 40

averaging to 45

sellers at 45 agree with the price

sale 2!/compare/1490832000/1491004800

pe western wear (40) + bubbling pencil pusher (15.5) =~56 b/o of 60

sale 3!/compare/1493164800/1493251200!/compare/1493164800/1493251200

flies tavish crown + strange killstreak psychedelic slugger -not using, though supports the range

sale 4!/compare/1493424000/1493510400

bulk for mg ninja

taking 45-56 - Next event will *hopefully* be around July, or sometime this summer!