Price Suggestion
~275 keys
Unusual Large Luchadore Scorching Flames
31 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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    2 week unsold @ 170 should be at least used for bottom end and be considered mature. Mods said duped isn't gonna matter now and even warnings have changed to be less foreboding - -

      I guess ill ask for confirmation.

        ya i'm interested to see how the knife cuts things like this, cuz it's kind of a double standard otherwise


        "Not saying that they don't matter. Just saying that we won't differentiate it. Will get a range (low end from dupe, high end from clean). People who want a clean one can get it for the high end price. At least that's the rationale. Problem with it is on really high tiers where duped sells for 200 keys, clean for 700 keys. We're trying to help the most people and are still figuring out the best way to do that."

        They were going to change dupes so that anything 50 keys or below would not matter. Where it was previously 30 keys. Anything 50 keys or above does matter if it is duped.

        Until we officially announce it, always stick with the old rules. By those rules, this is fine as mine is duped

        As Moose mentioned it's likely that the cutoff will become 50 keys, so my duped one still wouldn't change anything

          i was pushing the issue to make the point that it matters. if it didn't matter this convo woulda never happened.

          #duped_hats_still_matter <3

          overall a ridiculous idea. not the forum for it here, but since it was a potential issue glad it's out in the air :)

          thanks cashew for chiming in