Price Suggestion
~20 keys
Unusual Peacenik's Ponytail Vivid Plasma
115 votes up
8 votes down
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    -Sold with a sulph big chief + ~4 keys in sweets (though this does seem very high):!/compare/1487548800/1487894400

    -Sold with 7 keys for a vivid noir:!/compare/1488153600/1488240000

    There are probably more sales in this very history, I can help you look through it later if you'd like but 18 might not be right:;5;u16

    Sold for $42 ( / $2,10 ) = 20 keys!/compare/1490659200/1490832000


    Bulk.!/compare/1487548800/1487894400 - reselling with 22 key b/o

    Taking from Fish above, he sold it for the Sulphurous Big Chief + 4 keys in sweets. He was reselling it with a 22 key b/o means that he didn't value it at 28+ himself either.!/compare/1488153600/1488240000

    Mini for the Noir:;5;u16

    Sold for $47,50 ( / $2,10 ) = 22,6 keys = 23 keys.!/compare/1493683200/1493942400

    22 keys (noir)

    18 flat is definitely not going to correct. I'd go with 17-22 based on the sales, although the Noir might need a bit more digging. You can make a suggestion on that as well if you'd like.

      Closing on account of sufficient counter-evidence. Feel free to fix.