Price Suggestion
~80.5 keys
Unusual Killer Exclusive Terror-Watt
82 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 7 months ago by Jacobmeister.

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    Who says you cant round pure sales? I'm not contesting the range, this is a good suggestion, I'm just curious where you got that idea from.

      It just kinda makes sense.'s idea is to give a value of the pure amount of the item, so rounding would lose it.

        I guess? But it's also been made very clear on several occasions that our prices aren't supposed to be exacts, they're estimates. "suggested" prices.

        I guess it's a matter of value. Here it's fine, were we talking a sale for, like, 598 pure, I'd round it to 600. To each their own :P

        Just important to point out that it's not true that you -can't- round pure sales. Don't want somebody getting **** for it in future based on an incorrect assumption.

        EDIT: Man some people have got it out for me today. Excuse me for having opinions on virtual sodding hats, jesus