Price Suggestion
~19 keys
Unusual Wraith Wrap Dead Presidents
12 votes up
6 votes down

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Money is the root of all evil


Sold for Miami Candle (Outdated at 14, mini at 13)!/compare/1491436800/1491523200!/compare/1491436800/1492646400

(Strange but below non-strange sales) sold for Horace (4) + 3 keys + sweets (~3)

= 10, outlier!/compare/1490486400/1490572800

(Strange but below non-strange sales) Sold + Spec. Aussie Tomislav (13) + sweets (~3) for Sulph Gatsby (Outdated at 30, mini at 22)

= 6, outlier!/compare/1490572800/1490918400

(Strange and above non-strange sales) sold for 20 pure + S.Wraith Wrap (~2)

= B/O of 21.!/compare/1489449600/1489622400

(Strange and above non-strange sales) sold for DBD Pith (22) + sweets ~1)

= 23!/compare/1489104000/1489708800

Sold for DBD Titanirolean (Outdated at 23, mini at 20)

Unsold at 18 for 4 weeks.

Candle mini:!/compare/1490832000/1490918400

Not relevant strictly but keeping this here for later

No usable recent sales. Seller for 13, using 13.

Tyrolean mini:!/compare/1490486400/1490572800

Pro KS Sticky (~19)!/compare/1487635200/1487808000

21 pure

taking 19-21.

Gatsby mini:!/compare/1492041600/1492128000

22 pure.


I dunno what to make of this. 13 seems super low and yet 18 is struggling really hard to sell.

I'm gonna, for now, put a wide range on it and see what happens.

Let it ride.

    Buyers on the scm heavily counter the low end

      Do they though? There's more than a couple wraiths price below ~15.5, which is what the buyers are at. And the average here is above the buyers anyway.

      The alternative is take 18-20, which is obviously too high.

        There's like 8 buy orders above 13 keys on the scm. 13 is most definitely low.

          Lemme see new suggestions on the NnB, Planets and Bubbling wraiths from you and I'd be inclined to agree. Otherwise I'm fine with overlooking them.

            I don't know why you're ignoring my original statement. Bubbling and nuts n bolts have nothing to do with this. 8+ buyers at 13 or more is far more than enough proof to call 13 the low end.

              I am calling 13 the low-end.

                  Even more proof: buyer at 14

                    But like, you've ignored my point, which I've made twice now. Sure 13 in isolation is below SOME buyers, but I'm not suggesting 13 flat. The average of the range, 16.5 is the most appropriate price here. Would you rather this was 18-20? Do you think that's a more appropriate price for this hat?

                    You're also muddling your argument kinda badly, you agreed with me a moment ago. This isn't really constructive.

                      Another buyer at 14:

                      Need more proof?

                        You're ignoring the point I've made three times now. Further posts are spam when you can edit more proof into your existing posts.

                        Be constructive or stop.

                          Be constructive? I've handed you proof from 11 different buyers. All you've handed me is your opinion about why "18-20 isn't a suitable price for this hat" for which you have zero reasoning for. I don't think I've ever seen someone so delusional

        Almost certain r+ubi buys for more than the low end.

        13 does seem to low to be in the range even though 18 is struggling to sell. Should make the range 18 - 20.