Price Suggestion
~32 keys M
Unusual Scattergun Hot Flower Power
79 votes up
13 votes down

This suggestion was accepted 6 months ago by polar.

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B/O was 32 keys

Sale 1)!/compare/1492214400/1492387200 sold for a miami nights das gutenhattenharen 30.5+2 keys


Round to 33

Sale 2 (not using)!/compare/1492128000/1492300800

sold for a smoking Sergents drill hat 20 keys+2 keys=22 keys

Sooooo how did the rounding of to 33 go to 32 on the suggestion?

    Normally if it is 0.5 you would round up. But in this case the B/O was 32 in which it needs to cap at. Thus having 32 instead of 33.