Price Suggestion
~35 keys
Unusual Universal Translator Abduction
42 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 7 months ago by polar.

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I'm not sure how popular this opinion is but I kinda like abduction. Looks kinda cool imo.

Sold for 32 Keys and ~2 Keys in Sweets(34 Keys total)!/compare/1490832000/1490918400

Sold for 37 Keys!/compare/1492214400/1492473600

Sold for 35 Keys!/compare/1488844800/1488931200

Sold for a Neutron Star Human Cannonball(34 Keys)!/compare/1488499200/1488585600

Sold with ~1 Key in Sweets for a '72 Fresh Brewed Victory(40 Keys)(39 Keys total)!/compare/1488844800/1489363200

Sold for 39 Keys!/compare/1486598400/1486684800

Sold for 40 Keys!/compare/1489968000/1490054400

Sold for 40 Keys!/compare/1491523200/1491696000

Sold for 34 Keys!/compare/1489536000/1489708800

Sold for 34 Keys!/compare/1490140800/1490227200

Sold for 38 Keys!/compare/1492128000/1492214400

Added 8 Keys for an Australium Pro KS Medi Gun(~38 Keys)(30 Keys total, Outlier)!/compare/1490227200/1490832000

Sold for 37 Keys!/compare/1490832000/1490918400!/compare/1490486400/1491264000


Credits to Mindacos for finding the proof. All I did was make the actual suggestion.