Price Suggestion
~11.5 keys
Unusual Bomb Beanie Orbiting Fire
238 votes up
17 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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The fact this exists undermines the existence of all high-tier suggestions. Which is a shame,

Whatever, ****ing hell.


Sold + Shtuff (~4.5 6 OOOOH, GET SPOOKED NYAHH NMYEHH) for TWatt Samureye (outdated at 17, answer number four on the Family Feud round "things a Ninja might say", mini at 16)

= 11.4

Samureye mini:!/compare/1491091200/1491177600

16 pure. That'll do.

I thought there was more but there isn't. Ah well, let this rot in suggestion purgatory for a bit.

    RIP 1 Key

    Can confirm the sale ^^