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~1 key
Unique Noise Maker - Crazy Laugh
529 votes up
430 votes down
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This suggestion was closed 6 months ago by Teeny Tiny Cat.

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    Worth having this here just to prove it was 3 keys each, not like 4 for 1 and 2 for the other :P though the classies also do that shut up Gent you iriot

    You've stopped trying to sell this, presumably because it obviously wasn't going to resell at this price point given that it had been unsold for a month. Also a current unsold for 9 days in classifieds. Gonna close this up

      The one that is 3 Refined is a buy order, and it's no longer up.

      And so what if I have a sell listing up? What's your point?

          I have a sale. I'm not increasing the price based on my listing on the classifieds.

          Did you check my suggestion?

            the buy order doesn't really matter though

        Only thing concerning about this suggestion is that it seems you can't sell this at 3 keys again for a month.

          The price raise seems a bit too sharp, yes there was a sale, but the comment above even shows that after a month a 3 key offer was still unsold.

          "Only thing concerning about this suggestion is that it seems you can't sell this at 3 keys again for a month.


            why hasn't this been accepted yet?

              Because 3 keys isn't the common trading point, regardless of this having a sale or not.

                I find it a little weird as all the other ones I sold got accepted, no matter if I had an unsold or not.

                  there IS no common trading point >.>


                      Well if not a common trading point (since this is a rare item), this price is still high. It can't sell at 3 keys for a month. Just because I could buy one of these noise makers for 20 keys doesn't mean it's worth 20 keys. That is the point I'm trying to make here.

                        Yea I get that.

                        Still, I find it weird that this one isn't getting accepted when, as I said, all the others ones got accepted even if I still had one that were unsold for a long amount of time.

                          or at least should be closed if mods think 3 isn't the common point (even though there is not "common trading point" because it sells once per year xd)

                            They should really look into the rules for rares. Sometimes browsing I come across rares with 2 y.o. price and sellers at much higher, but the buyers still stick to the set price and no trades are happening. When one does happen, it makes no sense in accordance to the rest. If you look here:

                            I have suggested a price for an item that came out 4 years ago and still has no price point. However if you read the comments, a helpful suggester actually tracked the item down and found out it was sold for 18.66 ref in items. Funny thing is the buyers don't fall bellow 20ref pure. Making the trade unusable and nonsensical since the seller traded for a much lower than buyer price and it wasn't even a quick sell.

                Seller on marketplace would be below 3 keys right? Wouldn't that counter?

                If it has all 25 uses left* but idk how to check on there.