Price Suggestion
~113 keys
Unusual Tough Stuff Muffs Vivid Plasma
47 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Requested by Ouch29.

8 recent sales, 5 months outdated.

Sale 1:!/compare/1491177600/1491264000

1:1 with a D@D Dapper's(172.5).

172.5 total rounding to 170.

170 total.

Sale 2:!/compare/1489968000/1490227200!/compare/1490140800/1490227200

Quicksold for pure.


Sale 3:!/compare/1490400000/1491264000!/compare/1489881600/1491004800

Not sure.

Sale 4:!/compare/1489968000/1490140800

Sold for a Grail Second-Rate Sorcery, DP Dragonborn, and 5 keys pure.

Should be used to price the Grail Second-Rate Sorcery.

Sale 5:!/compare/1489104000/1489190400!/compare/1489104000/1489190400


High outlier due to current sellers and other sales.

Not using.

Sale 6:!/compare/1485129600/1485216000!/compare/1484611200/1485216000


Not using.

Sale 7:!/compare/1484438400/1484524800!/compare/1484438400/1484524800

Sold for a SGG Conga(185), and 5 keys pure.

190 total.

Sale 8:!/compare/1484265600/1484352000!/compare/1484179200/1484352000

Sold with a Vivid Bomber for a Strange Scorching Hot Dogger and a Blizzy Bonk Boy.

Should be used to price the Strange Scorching Hot Dogger.

SGG Conga mini:

Currently in date at 195 for a month more.

1x Young seller at 150.

4x Sellers at 185, one is a month unsold.

Calling it 185.

D@D Dapper's mini:!/compare/1489708800/1489795200

Sold for a duped Stormy Veil(48), Lantern Liquidator's(30), Cauldron Belt(105), and an Aussie Flame(15).

198 total.!/compare/1491091200/1491264000


Buyer relisted at 185.

CAPPING 198 at 185.

Seller at 160.

Calling it 160-185.

Lantern Liquidator's micro:!/compare/1484352000/1484784000!/compare/1484352000/1484784000


Bulk but kinda supports.

No other sales.

Calling it 30.

Cauldron Belt micro:!/compare/1486857600/1487203200

Sold with a KaW Spook Specs(~74) and 3 keys pure for a Showstopper Schadenfreude(182) and a C9 Pampered(18).

123 total.

High due to the 17 day unsold at 110 in Classies.!/compare/1484092800/1488758400

Sold for a Tesla HWNN(80), 20 keys pure, and ~6 keys sweets.

106 total rounding to 105.

Calling it 105.

Duped Stormy Veil micro:

1x Young seller at 44.

44 seems low but I couldn't find any sales.

I'll call it 44-52.

Tesla HWNN nano:!/compare/1483833600/1483920000!/compare/1483833600/1483920000

Sold for a Miami Runner(~36), Steaming HWNN(26), Smoking Strontium(12), and a Spec. KS Aussie Blutsauger(7).

81 total rounding to 80.

Rolling with 160-190.

    Damn it spotty

      Actually tho, where does 160 come from?