Price Suggestion
~55 keys
Unusual Team Captain Blizzardy Storm
477 votes up
57 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 6 months ago by Foamy the Fearsome.

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I like Snowstorms

Selling: - 7 Days @ 66 (Duped) - 2 Months @ 67 (Duped) - 12 Days @ 70 (Clean)

Sale 1)!/compare/1489536000/1489622400 No Idea tbh

Note: - Had a B/O of 60 anyway which supports a drop.

Sale 2)!/compare/1486857600/1486944000 Cash or CSGO

Sale 3)!/compare/1489363200/1489795200 Sold for a Terror-Watt Brotherhood of Arms <--- Best Used there

Sale 4)!/compare/1487289600/1487376000 - Sold for a Purple Energy A Rather Festive Tree + ~7 Keys

PEARFT –!/compare/1488672000/1488758400 - Bulk!/compare/1488499200/1488585600 - Low!/compare/1485734400/1486166400 - Histories Don’t Match!/compare/1483747200/1483833600 - 49!/compare/1483488000/1483574400 - Histories don’t match

49 Seems low considering buyers buy @ 47 and it only 4 Months Outdated @ 56 – 62

Using mature seller @ 59 Keys (17 Days) -

Untraceable B/O

= 66

Sale 5)!/compare/1484697600/1484784000 - Sold with 20 Keys for a Tesla Coil Boxcar Bomber


Seller Had B/O on Boxcar after trade for 80 - Which fits with current sellers

B/O Was 80

= 60

Sale 6)!/compare/1489795200/1489968000 Bulky

Sale 7)!/compare/1483488000/1483747200 Little Bulky but would work out ~60 Keys

Sale 8)!/compare/1482883200/1483056000 - Sold with a Haunted Ghosts Pom-Pommed Provocateur + A Cloud 9

Data Mining Light for a Sunbeams Noble Amassment of Hats

HGPPP – - 3 Months Ago @ 26

C9DML – - Matured Seller ~15 Capping there

SMAoH – - Not massively outdated (4 Months) Plenty of matured sellers @ 100

No B/O

= 59

Sale 9)!/compare/1487289600/1487376000 Cash

Sale 10)!/compare/1487203200/1487289600 Bulky

Sale 11)!/compare/1483920000/1484006400 Sold for a Scorching Flames Furious Fukaamigasa <---- High

Sale 12)!/compare/1483747200/1483833600 Sold for a Harvest Moon Conquistador <--- Best Used there.

Sales we have are:

66, 60 and 59

As the sales that determine my range involved flimsy minis based on mature sellers I’m gonna round for a change.

Thanks =)

I always wanted that TC!

Anyways, good suggestion.

    Other sales:!/compare/1490832000/1490918400

    Sold with a Strange Specialized Killstreak Gold Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.I (~6) + (0.5) in sweets for a Vivid Casemaker (112.5)

    = 106


    Sold for a Miami Nights Bonk Boy, will need a mini, but should support drop. Not 100% sure if anything else was added.

    rip, u will be missed

      >implying he like snowstorms

      >tfw you can't afford a KE one


        So i make a joke, and i immediatley get a -1...


          Wasn't me. To be honest you did kinda say I couldn't afford one?

            it ment that i wasn't able to afford one, b-

            sorry for existing.!/compare/1493337600/1493424000 bulk supportive of the drop (maybe even lower)!/compare/1493164800/1493251200 ~100 in stuff as it seems, going to be a high outlier.

        Clean seller at 70 still has not sold. Accepting as better than current here