Price Suggestion
~1.5 keys
Haunted Fowl Fists
255 votes up
100 votes down
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This suggestion was closed automatically because another price suggestion was accepted instead.

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Steam Community Market:

Lows of about 1 key, highs of about 1.6 keys:

Classifieds: No sellers, 1 buyer for under price:

Outpost: No sellers or buyers:

And for those wondering if a Strange Haunted can be priced:

(Unfortunately Strange Uniques can't be priced, but that really doesn't have much to do with this suggestion.)

    Pretty sure you can't base the suggestion solely off of scm. And the prices from before dual qualities could be priced was moved to the strange haunted ones. Not sure why it says n/a in the suggestion while looking at the item picture it says 16 ref.

    Last 4 valid recent sales on SCM as of now (Key price: $2.49)

    I'd recommend a resuggest at 1.5 keys flat. Buyers counter 1 key right now.