Price Suggestion
~1850 keys
Unusual Bedouin Bandana Scorching Flames
54 votes up
9 votes down
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Requested by Quagmire.

2 recent sales, unpriced.

Sale 1:!/compare/1489881600/1489968000!/compare/1489881600/1489968000

Sold for a duped Beams TC(830), Scorching Rifleman(500), Demonflame Brainiac(164), AF Hottie's Hoodie(68), Vivid Skid Lid(75), and 25 keys pure.

1662 total rounding to 1650.

Sale 2:!/compare/1488672000/1488758400!/compare/1477180800/1488758400

Quicksold for cash.


Demonflame Brainiac mini:!/compare/1488672000/1488844800



No other recent sales.

Calling it 164.

Scorching Rifleman mini:!/compare/1489449600/1489536000

Sold for a PE Rifleman(214), C. Heart Veil(200), PE Fancy Fedora(~66), and 19 keys pure.

499 total rounding to 500.

Duped Beams TC mini:!/compare/1488672000/1488758400

Sold with a Scorching Tipped Lid(560) for a Beams Head Warmer(338) a GE KE(915), and 85 keys pure.

758 total rounding to 760.!/compare/1484870400/1484956800!/compare/1484870400/1484956800

Sold for a Scorching Peak(838), a GE Attendant(52), Terror Watt Tree(~35), Miami Geisha(~20), an Unusual Knife, and "x" amount of sweets.


CAPS at b/o of 900.!/compare/1480636800/1480723200

Old sale but supports 900.

Calling it 760-900.

C. Heart Veil micro:!/compare/1489017600/1489104000

Stupid low.

Not using.!/compare/1482969600/1483488000



No other sales since previous suggestion. The price is only outdated by a month and it sold for full pure.

Calling it 200.

PE Rifleman micro:

1x 2 week unsold at 190.

1x 5 day unsold at 240.

Rifle is in date at 238.

2 weeks is too young to call the Rifleman 190 flat but too old to go unnoticed.

Calling it 190-238.

Scorching Tipped Lid micro:!/compare/1489622400/1489708800

Sold for a Tesla Coil Law(279), MG Outdoorsman(~50), Mem. Leak Leadwear(~22), and a Roboactive Titanium Towering(130).

481 total rounding to 480.!/compare/1484611200/1484697600

Sold for a C. Heart Crone's(484) and a PE Beak(155).

639 total rounding to 640.

Calling it 480-640.

Beams Head Warmer micro:!/compare/1485043200/1485475200

Sold for a Blizzy Rifleman(~120), Burning Teutonic Toque(190), and 36 keys pure.

346 total.!/compare/1485475200/1485561600

Totals to ~329 rounding to 330.

Calling it 330-348.

Tesla Coil Law nano:!/compare/1487894400/1487980800

1:1 with a Showstopper Victory Lap(350).

1x 1 month unsold at 208.

208 flat is low but 350 flat is far too high.

Calling it 208-350.

Roboactive Towering Titanium nano:!/compare/1486771200/1487203200

Sold with a Beams Fuka(~70) for a SSI BoA(200).

130 total.

SSI BoA pico:

No usable sales.

1x 19 day unsold at 200.

Calling it 200.

Rolling with 1650 flat.

    I wonder what happened in this comment section haha, you are very thorough SpotlightR <3

    I like how this is still up even though the current owner paid almost ~2800 for it.

      I already mentioned that I will not consider offers under 2000. I never though of pure buyouts, the "1500" was just a random guess when i was asked after the trade.