Price Suggestion
~1.22 ref
Unique Creepy Crawly Case
28 votes up
58 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 7 months ago by polar.

Comments can no longer be left on this suggestion. here is a recent sale on which buyer paid 0.88 each, I sugges the high value to be 1 because bp listings as shown on the link are up to 1.33. Any comments are much appreciated, I'm new to price suggestions.

SCM supports this needs a raise but the proof here is lacking

As Vrakos said, can't have ranges with 1 sale

    Accepting as better than the current range. I'd rather this be priced at 0.88-1 than 0.33 and will not close because this is half a scrap higher than the given sale. If people have an issue with the range they could have / can counter at 0.88 flat, but 0.88 flat is probably too low given buyers at 0.88. Suggester has provided a sale to support the buyer listings.