Price Suggestion
~397.5 keys
13th hour
Unusual Galvanized Gibus Stormy 13th Hour
47 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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---SALES--- B/O 450keys

sold for Harvest Moon Pyromancer's Mask + Stormy 13th hour Brigade Helm + 20keys!/compare/1486684800/1486771200

---> 100 + 260 + 20 = 380keys

- B/O 450keys

sold for Stattrak Karambit Doppler FW + Stattrak AK-47 Fuel Injector FW + Circling TF Logo Wraith Wrap ( )

<Thanks Foamy>!/compare/1484438400/1486512000!/compare/1486425600/1486512000

it sold for that FN stattrack kara doppler + the FN stattrak AK fuel injector + logo wraith

Going by CSGOsteamanalyst prices on those, thats ~160 for the fuel injector and ~220 for the kara. Logo wraith is outdated and will need a mini, but the total here is going to be 380+wraith, so that sale is going to be higher


---> 380 + 35 = 415keys

    3rd times the charm? This seems like you got a chip on your shoulder because this is the 3rd suggestion to drop.