Price Suggestion
~16.5 keys
Unusual Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats Terror-Watt
207 votes up
167 votes down
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Seems low for an all class unu.

17 keys - old price, doesn't seem valid.

Recent sale - Sold for max's head:!/compare/1488067200/1488758400 - 19 keys

Feedback appreciated :v

I'll just leave this here and see how it goes...

      Where is the max's head in the compare link? I see none.

        The compare link isn't for a max's head. Its for a Miami Nights noble nickel amassment of hats.

          Miami Nights Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats price is 2 years old...

            Definitely will need a range here at the very least given the other sales.