Price Suggestion
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Submitted by Relic
~36.72 ref
Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
71 votes up
14 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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I will get this.


Rog selling 5 @ 25.77:

Buyforfull selling 37 @ 25.88:

Rain1 selling 104 @ 26:

Itembot 3 selling 200+ @ 26:

Itembot 1 selling 50+ @ 26: selling 180+ @ 26:

Random sellers @ 26:

Flashbot selling 140+ @ 26.11:

Clay selling50+ @ 26.11:

24/7 bot selling @ 26.22:

3 Dragbots selling @ 26.33:

Titan selling @ 26.55:

Outpost - 27.22 - 27.11 - 27.11 - 27 - 27 - 27 - 27 - 27 - 27 - 27 - 27 - 27 - 27 - 26.66 - 26.66 - 26.66 - 26.55 - 26.44 - 26.33 - 26.33 - 26.33 - 26.22 - 26.11 - 26.11 - 26 - 24 wot

If you have any other sales/proof below that support, please comment them below, as they do help a lot. Thanks.

    You will never get this.

    When you wake up tomorrow the sellers will be at 25.66 ref.

    And I will counter and ruin your hattrick. Evil laughter

    By the way, the only sellers for 26 now are bot listings, but on the site they are buying for 26:

    They probably forgot to take down the listings.

    Shows that 26 is probably low now. We'll just have to see.

      Eh, they went back down to buying at 25.88, this will be fine if nothing else happens.

        Hello I am (RadioQueue). I do key pricing at STN-Trading. We update prices of items so frequently that BPTF can't always keep up. We are trying to fix this and are in communications with BPTF. We will be adjusting our key prices constantly based on community demand. I do this by hand and therefore fluctuate between not going over our inventory limits and not running low on ref. If our listings might look out of date, you can visit our site. @mod I hope you are fine with me posting my profile link to prove my identity. I am personally against posting links but this is just the easiest way to convince people that I am who I am.

          Posting your stn profile link shouldn't be a problem.

          Thanks for the reply too, accurate listings can really help suggestors do their jobs. It's been fine for the most part, keep it up.

            This was brought up a long time ago with an independent, third-party, unbiased statistician, base1024, over here - The graph is not working and hasn't been updated in over 2 years, but at the time it gathered sale data across multiple sites and trade servers to determine real-time key pricing. Because of the nature of the site, I think we strongly considered using that site to dynamically update key prices here, but after a long discussion we kept our key prices community driven using suggestions like this. Why? Well, ultimately this has been working for us for years. Yes, key prices rise and fall dynamically at times (infrequently, maybe once every 3 months or so), but most of the time they stay fairly stable which makes sense because it's a currency. Instead of reflexively following every upward or downward trend in key prices, and perhaps inadvertently driving the price while doing so, we have opted for a more measured and deliberate approach through suggestions by the community in a way that is consistent with everything else we do on the site. This maintains transparency and avoids issues related to potential conflict of interest should mods happen to be buying or selling keys themselves.

            As it stands, the community has many different avenues to check key prices. They can take a quick look at classified buyers and sellers for a snapshot in time or they can go to any one of a number of excellent sites. However, we will unlikely be changing our approach any time soon.

          i have a seller at 26 on a trade server. its not much, but every piece of evidence helps :P

          Isn't there some cool down for key suggestions?

            If the change is greater than .66 refined, no.

            Read the cooldown for key suggestion rules here:


              Ah right, thanks for clearing that up

              Scrap is @ 26 right now:

              *edit, my bad, didn't see it was already in your proof!

           is buying at 25.88 and they have over 170 in stock. is at 26 and has 203 in stock. Seems legit, but odd that keys lost a ref pretty quickly

                      Couple more sellers @ 26:


                      Ezio selling 8 @ 26:


                      Anotherbot selling 30+ @ 26:


                      Buyforfull still selling about 50 @ 25.88:



                      Sale @ 26:


                      Random selling a few @ 20:


                        Spirit selling about 40+ @ 26:



                        Stn selling 230+ @ 26.11:


               still selling almost 200 @ 26:


                                Flashbot now selling 150+ @ 26:



                                Buyforfull now selling 27 @ 26:



                                Spirit still selling 30 @ 26:



                       also still selling 150+ @ 26:


                                No current buyers that counter.

                                  Stn dropped back down. Now selling 200+ @ 26:


                                      Not really, keys are stable currency. Ref actually might be raising. We'll see.