Price Suggestion
~74 keys
Unusual Titanium Tyrolean Scorching Flames
352 votes up
53 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 7 months ago by Mindacos(CLICK THE IMGUR).

Comments can no longer be left on this suggestion.!/compare/1482451200/1482537600

Strange Professional Killstreak Warhawk Rocket Launcher (Minimal Wear)

Strange Professional Killstreak Purple Range Sniper Rifle (Field-Tested)

4 in sweets

Buyout 70

Should cap!/compare/1484179200/1484352000!/compare/1484265600/1484352000

Abduction Universal Translator

13 Keys


low/qs we


28 Keys + Knife

Cant tell wear but it should go for ~42 Keys

Makes 70, using as supportive!/compare/1484524800/1484611200

With 9 Keys + 16 in csgo stuff according to seller for a Tesla Brown Bomber

Buyout 100

Still caps!/compare/1484524800/1484611200

Vivid Lid + SPKS Capper 7

75+7= 82!/compare/1487635200/1487721600

qs at 67


70, 58, ~70 supporting other sale at 70, 100, 82, qs at 67

cutting low end of 58

Foamy said I should cut the high end as it is not stable

rolling with 70-82

    As the seller in the first trade: buyout was not 70, that was a minimum. The reason I bothered to sell it for this low in items was because I wanted to do the buyer a favour so that he would have a hat to match with his Scorching Trophy Belt. He later resold (serves me right).

    Still, considering what the previous owner paid, I'd say it's a fair range.

      The knife sale was mine, it was a shadow dagger mw (38 csgo keys) +28 keys, it was a quicksell as well.