Price Suggestion
~16.5 keys
Unusual Caribbean Conqueror Terror-Watt
290 votes up
35 votes down
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    That outpost trade is mine, I had a 19 key offer but didn't take them. Also didn't bump the trade for like a week, ho hum.

    More sales:

    Sold for a Strange Disco Beat Down Elf Esteem and 1 Key!/compare/1486771200/1486944000

    Should be used for that.

    Quicksold for 16 Keys and negligible sweets!/compare/1488931200/1489017600

    Quicksold for 15 Keys!/compare/1488931200/1489017600

    Sold for a Circling Peace Sign Fur-Lined Fighter and 2 Keys!/compare/1489017600/1489104000

    Should be used for that.

    Sold for a Starstom Slumber Big Topper(20.5 Keys, round to 21)!/compare/1489104000/1489190400

    Sold for a Steaming Gentleman's Ushanka!/compare/1489190400/1489276800

    Should be used for that.

    Sold for 17 Keys!/compare/1489622400/1489708800

    Sold for a Neutron Star Nasty Norsemann(24 Keys, Outlier)!/compare/1488326400/1489017600

    Could be used to update that as well sometime in the future.

    Sold with ~1.5 Keys in Sweets for a Bubbling Black Watch!/compare/1489190400/1489276800

    Should be used for that.

    I'd personally use the Strange Miami Brain-Warming Wear to price that since Strange Unusuals can be priced now, and give this a range of 17-21 using the sales I provided. Regardless, this will need a resuggest.