Price Suggestion
~40 keys
morning glory
Unusual Heavy Duty Rag Morning Glory
355 votes up
50 votes down
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This suggestion was closed 7 months ago by the submitter.

Comments can no longer be left on this suggestion.!/compare/1485043200/1485129600

Keys do not match!/compare/1484870400/1485043200!/compare/1484956800/1485043200

With a Max Head for a Beams Bonk Helmet, Bob is using this sale on the Bonk, meh!/compare/1482883200/1483142400

27 Keys + 4 = 31!/compare/1483574400/1483747200

does notmatch!/compare/1483747200/1483920000

28 Keys, qs/owned it for 1 Day!/compare/1483920000/1484179200

Miami Exe+1 Key

bo was 36, caps!/compare/1484697600/1484784000!/compare/1484697600/1484784000

using on billy

Scammer + traded back n forth alot + sold often in 1 day... oh and some

here is what I found:!/compare/1486166400/1486252800

estat Fez, buyout 40:!/compare/1486425600/1486512000


miami splitter needs a drop, month unsold at 36!/compare/1486512000/1486598400


ID#s in your first link most likely don't match because the Rag was painted immediately after it was sold. Confident that sale was for 42 pure.!/compare/1485043200/1485129600 - Painted white when leaving old bp!/compare/1484611200/1485648000 - Painted TS when entering new bp

Also, the Universal Translator in your 4th link does match. - Pootisman -> Velociraptor - Velociraptor -> Pootisman

    Commented on the sellers profile

    Translator sale should fit in range, I thought it was the unusual bot, but looks like he auctioned it?

      Maybe it would be better for the Translator/Rag sale to be used for the Translator anyway. 3 month old price already looks like it might be high.

      Hopefully shakky can confirm their sale though.

    Sales here at 28, 31, 32, 36, 36, 40, 42. The 28, 31, and 32 sales are the oldest sales here that happened right around Christmas time, so maybe there's a reason they are lower. Maybe 36-42 would be better?