Price Suggestion
~47 keys
Unusual Spook Specs Neutron Star
542 votes up
79 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 7 months ago by Foamy the Fearsome.

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      There are literally 3 sellers on classies lol

        I know that there are 3 other sellers on the market, but now there will only be 3 that can be actually traded, instead of 4, since I plan to never ever sell mine. That's why I was wondering why you were trying to increase the price range, of it, since now there are even less of them to be bought, and traded, so I assumed that if anything, the price would go up in price.

          What I got from what you just said is that because someone doesn't want to sell an item that isn't 1 of 1 means that it should raise in price. Why would you care what your hat will be priced at if it shouldn't affect you at all since you don't plan on selling it?

            Pretty much.

              Basically, if there are only 4 of an unusual in existence and another probably won't be getting unboxed anytime soon or ever. I don't know, if it able to be unboxed anymore, or if it is, but I am never selling the one I own. I just want to look out for the other 3 owners from getting screwed over, since they deserve to get at least the amount of keys that I paid for one of the 4 that were available which was 50 keys in price basically. If the price does get lowered like the price suggestion says, then I hope that the other 3 owners don't get screwed over, when they are trying to sell an 8 key ranged price unusual, and the buyer wants to pay the lowest price possible for it. Also, since we are on the subject, why was this price suggestion even made, if you don't mind me asking? This seems pretty out of nowhere to do, unless you plan to buy one.

      I wonder why 618 people were so interested in voting for the price suggestion of this unusual? It would either be to just help change prices of things, and doing it freely, or wanting one of whatever the unusual is, or just immediately down voting it because someone you know owns one of this unusual, and you just want to get back at them. Either way, I don't care anymore. I own one, and I will never sell it. I am not gonna care anymore about others on this website anymore, cause all it does is get me in trouble and get yelled at, so good luck other 3 owners trying to sell this unusual. Your unusual just became slightly less expensive than when you paid for it, and now you are being told that the money you spent is now just gone forever, unless you sell it for a few keys more than price, but then you still won't get the amount you paid for it. The moral of this story, kids, is that you should only invest in highly priced unusuals, so that way if the price gets changed for it, it will either go up, or go down slightly, and then immediately go back up again, in a few weeks, because someone will make a suggestion to raise the priceback up.

        Don't worry, we don't care about your opinion either.

        I know I am wasting my time with you, as you clearly do not understand the basic concept of this site. We price Items with SALES!

        You paid 50 Keys.

        Someone else paid 42 Keys.

        => Range of 42-50

        I can't put it much simpler thab that.

          It doesn't matter whether you're selling it or not. The fact is that there are 3 on the market and some sales too. Hats get priced based on sales and not on whether a person is selling it or not.