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~135 keys
morning glory
Unusual Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood Morning Glory
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10 votes down
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8 month old price

Few Recent Sales:

Sale #1

Link :!/compare/1485734400/1485820800

Sold for a Strange Stormy Storm Deep Cover (75) + Purple Energy Fortunate soon ( 86) =161K

Sale #2

link :!/compare/1486339200/1486944000

Sold for a Clean Burning Tossle (150) + Neutron Star Ninja Hood (35-55) = 185-205K

Considering these 2 Fresh Sales, the price range would go on 161-185 making it around 175 which would be a fair price taking in count the sales listed above!

    how does 161 round up to 165? and you take the midrange value for the neutron star ninja hood, not the low end. so, downvote

      Already changed that one :)

        see my edit, also you're still suggesting with 165 as your low end so you changed nothing significant

        My final Range is based on the lowest neutron star price, that makes the other guy sale at 185.....meaning if we have a sale at 161 and another at 185 (on the lowest of the circunstances) it would make 175 which i do believe its fair, or are u thinking more around a range of 161 to 185?

          you're getting 165 from nowhere, 161 does not round up to 165, that's not how math works. and you're getting 185 from nowhere, you are not supposed to value the neutron star ninja hood at the low end of its value. from what I'm reading here, you should resuggest at 160-195

            My 185 is based on the lowest price this was sold for on the second link...i didnt make it higher, cuz didnt wanted to put such a big gap between prices. The 165 was a mistake indeed...Its my first suggestion though. Do you think i should ressugest?

              "you should resuggest at 160-195" me 5 minutes ago

              again, you are not supposed to use the low end of an item's value when you value the sale. take the mid range....

              edit: I just noticed the neutron star ninja hood has no price, where are you even pulling 35-55 from

                Tried to make an estimate between the effects on the ninja hood and the seller price, since its 1 of 1 in existence!

                Once again, i didnt count it as mid range, so that the range wasnt to big ....