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~34 ref
Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
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81 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 8 months ago by Teeny Tiny Cat.

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May need a drop.

Sellers @ 27.55:

Currently only a few sellers, but have a heavy stock. Buyers list/relist alot, so these are the ones as of now, not later.


Unsolds @ 27.66 for some days: selling for 27.55 / have stock:,rhB9bot

Sales @ 27.55 (bought a few):

The highest bot buyers have lowered to 27.44:


Outpost: - 27.55 - 27.55 - 27 - 27 - 26.66

Obviously 27.55 isn't an outlier, as its not hard to buy for 27.55. But not sure if its enough for a drop. More sellers pop up, but then sell which is why they might not be there later. If you have any other proof/sales, please leave them below, thanks.

    Stn prices are very volatile and have been ranging from 27.44-27.88

    However, drop looks well justified except for the occasional lazy buyers for 27.66+

    Might be open for a bit longer.

    If it's very easy to sell at 27.55 and with some buyers still at 27.66, might have to wait a bit to see what trend occurs.

        Another seller @ 27.55:

        Edit: stn bots lowered their price to 27.55. There is now PAGES of keys at 27.55:

        Also there are no more valid buyers @ 27.66 now.

              Stn bots dropped their prices... again.






              Random 25.33 seller:



              Prob has escrow idk

              There are also almost no more buyers @ 27.55. highest bot buyers @ 27.44. pages of keys at 27.55, this should be good now.

                I had the general sense this was occurring as well, I noticed keys in the steam market have shot up several times over the past couple of days which would indicate a supply surge. Lotta keys flooding the metal market right now.

                  actually I think it was that changed everything it has proof purchase now

                    Clay bot selling a good amount now as well (has a stock of 47):




                        Great job on this!

                          Some pages @ 27.55, including multiple bots:


                          Cru only has a couple:


                          Spade has 60 in stock:


                          Zion has 20 stock:


                          Spirit has 8:


                 sells constantly, but has 19 atm:


                          Few others:


                          Couple new op trades:

                 - 27.33

                 - 27

                          So, to recap, all day 27.55 has had plenty of sellers including (and mainly) plenty of bots w/stock, and buyers have lowered their buy prices to 27.44. 27.55 is obviously not an outlier and is a common trading point. Probably the last update for today. Hopefully this is accepted by tomorrow morning ~

                            Bots still buying for 27,66


                              Not sure when that was taken but bots haven't been buying for 27.66 for couple of days.

                     highest buyers as of now.

                              Yep, tons of sellers at 27.55

                     is also selling at 27.55 (and buying at 27.44)


                                Sellers for 27.55:





                                Ocean has 27 in stock:


                                Flashbot has 100+ stock:


                                Ticket bot has 16:


                                Nick has 80+:


                                Scrap still selling for 27.55:


                                Didn't list the ones in the screenshot like Zion and a couple others due to low stock (they only had a few keys but still supports.)

                                  Upvote from me. That's a very decent amount of proof.

                                    upvote from me. very nice evidence and fair price drop.