Price Suggestion
The Gentleman's Ushanka
Submitted by KNIGHT
~1.28 ref
Unique Gentleman's Ushanka
60 votes up
9 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Teeny Tiny Cat.

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Danke, Kamerad!

Constructive criticism please!


3 sellers @ 1.44 (5 for sale)

1 seller @ 1.55

The rest of sellers are 1.66 and above.

4 sellers @ 1.33

4 sellers @ 1.22

Seller Profiles:

Item Histories:

Counters, suggestions and feedback is appreciated.


    UPDATE: 1.44 sellers reaching full maturity, one new seller @ 1.33 ;(

    If seller stays, I will resuggest @ 1.33.

      1.33 seller is now gone, and this suggestion remains valid ;)

    All sellers @ 1.44 are young. You should wait for them to mature.

      This can stay a day open then it should be fine